Shattered at PSG, he makes a big decision for his future


Turbulence is currently terrible at PSG and everyone is the subject of criticism. This is particularly the case of Luis Campos, singled out in particular for his failed recruitments. What to question his future? While a departure from PSG is mentioned, Campos would have decided for the rest of his adventure… at Celta Vigo.

Last summer, to launch a new project, PSG decided to entrust the keys to the sportsman to Luis Campos. At the same time, the Portuguese is working with the Celta Vigo. A double hat which today applies to Fields criticism, especially among fans of the PSG. And while at Paris there is talk of a possible departure of the sports adviser, this does not necessarily seem to be the case on the side of the Celtic Vigo.

Campos wants to continue at Celta Vigo

What about the future of Luis Campos… At Celta Vigo ? According to information from Footmercato, a departure does not seem to be on the agenda. The Portuguese would like to continue with the Galician club and is even currently preparing the future summer transfer window of the Celta Vigo.

“They will surely continue to work together next season”

Celta want to continue with Luis Campos for many more years and it looks like Campos wants to continue with Celta so they will surely continue to work together next season. Also, the team is celebrating 100 years of history in 2023 and that’s something they’re excited about. “, even explains oscar mendezjournalist for Report. working for brand, Jose Riviero told him: In Vigo, they are very happy with the work of Luis Campos, especially since the project he proposed is in line with the coach he brought in when Coudet was dismissed. With Carlos Carvalhal, Celta works well and Luis Campos has a lot to do with it. Everything indicates that he will continue to work with Celta next season “.

Shattered at PSG, he makes a big decision for his future 24hfootnews.

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