Shane “Swerve” Strickland Reacts To Several Companies Being Interested In Him


Shane “Swerve” Strickland, also known as Sw3rve The Realest,” has interest from several promotions with AEW reportedly being the frontrunner to sign him although pen has yet to be put to paper. 

He spoke about the interest he has received since being released by WWE last November while doing an interview with WrestleTalk:

“It’s a good problem to have. I’m weighing my options right now. I made such a good income with WWE at the time, so I’m looking for what can ultimately match that, but if it doesn’t match it, it needs to offer other opportunities for the other outside ventures that I have in this world, like with my music, with my podcast thing, venturing out, going over to LA all the time and overseas, as a father I’ve still got to venture over to see my children, so I wanna weigh my options with the best place that can really accommodate those things.

“And of course, pro-wrestling – I’ve done it my entire adult life, I’ve sacrificed 13 years to it, so I’m not just trying to leave that, but there’s other things that help build my wrestling career as well and I want a place that also wants to respect that and helps boost those kinds of things too. And help bring those other things into the wrestling world as well.”

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