Seth Rollins segment scheduled for Raw


Seth Rollins suffered a torn medial collateral ligament on January 30th. While Rollins was on the way to the ring to confront Triple H, Samoa Joe blindsided Rollins from behind and proceeded to beat The Architect down.  After he was done beating him down around the ringside area, Joe rolled Rollins in the ring.

Joe then continued the beatdown before pulling Rollins up and hooking him for the Coquina Clutch. When Joe dropped down to the canvas violently, Rollins’ knee twisted awkwardly, causing the injury to his previously injured knee. Seth had previously torn his MCL, ACL, and medial meniscus in his knee in November of 2015.


It was announced on the Fastlane pre-show tonight that there will be an exclusive look at Seth Rollins’ rehabilitation of his injured knee tomorrow night on Raw. Rollins informed Triple H last week that he would be at WrestleMania to face him if it was the last thing he did, in order to make sure it was the last thing Triple H did.

Although there are contingency plans in place, WWE officials are still planning for Rollins to be healthy enough to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania 33.

Hopefully, tomorrow’s segment will reveal some more details on whether Rollins’ rehab is progressing as planned, as well as if he will be able to perform at WrestleMania 33.

Rollins appearing on Raw last week, as well as the proposed segment for this coming Raw, are very good signs as far as Rollins’ availability for the Showcase of the Immortals is concerned. We have noted previously that there are some big name contingency plans in place, but hopefully, they will not be needed.

Though Rollins’ crowd reactions have been lukewarm at best since his return in May of 2016, we are anxious to learn if he will be able to appear at WrestleMania and close out this chapter of his career before moving on to more full-time booking plans. We wish Rollins nothing but the best in his recovery.

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