Sergio Ramos comes out of silence after the controversy!


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Sergio Ramos sets the record straight. Under the spotlight after being filmed by the cameras of Movistar, broadcaster of the Champions League in Spain, during the round of 16 return against Bayern Munich, the 36-year-old Spanish defender wanted to clarify the context of his remarks polemics.

If the images seemed to show a: “the dough that gave birth to you Paris. His goddamn mother”the former Madrid player came out of silence a few minutes after the start of the controversy. “I don’t usually dwell on this subject, but I don’t want to acknowledge something that didn’t happen. At no time do I say Paris, I make a noise of disappointment “pssss” or “pfff” in the context of an expression (crude, admittedly) that we are used to saying in football. Let’s not invent, let’s not look for something where there is nothing. The message got through!

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Sergio Ramos comes out of silence after the controversy! 24hfootnews.

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