Sergio Garcia: “LIV? I have taken a shower”


Sergio García celebrates his 24th participation in the Augusta Masters this year, where he had the honor of wearing the Green Jacket in 2017. The man from Castellón is one of the (mis)called ‘dissidents’ who have left the PGA Tour and joined in the millionaire Arab Super League (LIV Golf).

Sergio Garcia, statements

Another is the Australian Cameron Smith, champion of the British Open 2022 and who said in his previous press conference that perhaps some of the LIV players feel they have something more to prove this week, because some think they “suck”. And in the mixed zone Sergio was asked: ‘Do you feel like that, as if you had to prove something else to the people who give you up even before you start?’. Borriol’s response was not wasted: “I showered this morning, so…Obviously it was a bit wet out there (laughs). No, I think at the end of the day, we’re all here, we’re all trying to compete. We’re going to do our best. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PGA Tour player or a LIV Golf player. We’ll see what happens at the end of the week.”

There was another question about the Super League. ‘One of his points was that he thought it would be good for LIV if someone from the Arab league not only competed but won. Do you agree?’ And Sergio replied: “Of course. If someone does it well, it’s very good. It’s as simple as that. Surely there are no ulterior motives.”

And to close with this thorny issue that has shaken the foundations of world golf, the Masters communication officer asked him if he was afraid of not playing in the Ryder Cup. ‘Have you made peace with everything that has happened?’ And Garcia answered this: “I can only do what I can do, and that is play the tournaments that I can play, try to compete in them in the best possible way, and then everything else is already out of my hands. So the decisions on whether “It’s not going to depend on me. It’s going to depend on my game and whether the captain, Luke Donald, thinks I’m good enough to make the team. We’ll see.”

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