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Seahawks have NFL’s third most firepower in the draft


Seahawks have NFL’s third most firepower in the draft
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The Seattle Seahawks will reap the benefits of The Trade for another year. With extra first, second, and fifth round picks, they’ve got some of the most firepower in this year’s draft.

In fact, according to the popular Jimmy Johnson value system, the Seahawks have the third most draft value, behind only the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans. The Bears only edge out because of the first overall pick, and the Texans have a ridiculous point total because of the Deshaun Watson trade.

One small disclaimer, this list is at the moment one eighth unofficial, as the final four teams haven’t sorted out their positions. The model predicts the Philadelphia Eagles as Super Bowl champs with the final pick. This however, did not affect any of the teams towards the top, even remotely.

Here’s the full breakdown of draft value, in order of the 2023 NFL draft:

Chicago – 3829.9

Houston – 5030.1

Arizona – 3268.6

Indianapolis – 2677.2

Seahawks – 3767.2

Detroit – 3514.8

Las Vegas – 2425.3

Atlanta – 2283.1

Carolina – 2424

Philadelphia – 2298.7

Tennessee – 2018.6

New York Jets1967

New England – 1969.2

Green Bay – 1823.4

Washington – 1650.8

Pittsburgh – 2198

Tampa Bay – 1535.6

Los Angeles Chargers1422.8

Baltimore – 1029.6

Minnesota – 1021.4

Jacksonville – 1363.4

New York Giants1380

Dallas – 1278.6

Buffalo – 1232.4

Cincinnati – 1168.2

Denver – 1276.6

Kansas City – 1158.6

Miami – 775.4

Los Angeles Rams884.2

Cleveland – 796.6

And finally, the San Francisco 49ers come in with an incredibly laughable 280.6 points following the Christian McCaffrey trade. So far, it’s all working out for them, as the philosophy has generally also done for the Rams.

The 2023 draft kicks off April 27, when Seattle is one of four teams with an additional first-round pick.

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