Scandal at the FFF, relatives of Le Graët confess


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Scandal at the FFF, relatives of Le Graët confess

Leaving for the West Indies to flee the controversies, Noël Le Graët saw the Paris prosecutor’s office open an investigation for moral and sexual harassment. Within Guingamp, his city, opinions differ. If some do not hesitate to defend him, others believe that his behavior dates from another time, now over.

Things are spoiling for Noël Le Graët. Under fire from critics after his remarks about Zinédine Zidane, the president of the French Football Federation was laid off last Wednesday. Currently in the West Indies, he also learned that the Paris prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for moral and sexual harassment following the comments of former collaborators. In Guingamp, some refuse to comment on who was mayor of the city between 1995 and 2008.

“There are a lot of disappointments among the Guingampais”

You have to understand that in fact, there are a lot of disappointments among the Guingampais. We realize that Le Graët missed his exit and that he served too many terms. What upsets people is that everything is true in these stories. Zidane like the rest confided one of the inhabitants, to sum up the thinking of the Guingampais.

The practices of Le Graët denounced

Asked by The Parisian, others do not hesitate to set foot in the dish. ” I find it disgusting to have treated him like a criminal in the newspapers because he said something stupid about Zidane. This story has gone too far confided one of them. They denounce the practices of Noel Le Graet, especially his behavior with women. ” Le Graët is a seducer and it has been going on for more than forty years. Here, we know plenty of stories of girls and even wives of players that he flirted with without malice. But he was flirting anyway. He was a somewhat oppressive seducer. The saddest thing is that there too, he did not understand that age was passing and that these practices had to be stopped. says a Guingampais.

“He went to the West Indies”

Former President of theForward Guingamp, Bertrand Salomon gave news of his friend. According to him, Le Graet fled the metropolis. “ He left for the West Indies where he owns a house. Frankly, he’s right. There, it is sheltered from everything. Rain like shit. Everyone has understood that he will no longer return to the federation and, in the name of all that he has done for the region, it would be good to leave him alone. said the leader.

Scandal at the FFF, relatives of Le Graët confess 24hfootnews.

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