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SB Nation 2023 Mock Draft Extravaganza – The Commanders are nearly on the clock!


2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3
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It’s almost time for the real thing! Until then, we get the next best thing.

Each year, just before the actual draft, enterprising individuals from various SBNation blogs take it upon themselves to organize a site-wide full mock draft, with (ideally) writers/posters from each of the team blogs picking on behalf of their team. This year, I will be picking on behalf of the Washington Commanders and tracking progress here. The draft will take place on Discord.

Think of this draft as a series of thought exercises, not simply a rote duplication of what we can expect come late April in Kansas City. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste. Last year’s exercise can be found here.


3/31 – 8 PM EDT / 5 PM PDT (Round 1)

4/1 – 1pm EDT / 10 AM PDT (Rounds 2-3)

4/2 – 1pm EDT / 10 AM PDT (Rounds 4-7)

This page should be updated in fairly close to real time once the draft begins on 3/31.

Pre-Draft Trade: Washington sends Chase Young to the Texans for pick 33. Rationale: I thought Chase Young was a foolish selection when he was taken at #2 overall, and nothing in the past three years has given me strong reason to re-consider that position. He’s already lost a year and a half to injury, which was one of the chief concerns about investing so deeply in a non-QB pick that high in the draft. Young shouldn’t get his 5th year option here, and this was an attempt to get value while teams are still betting on his potential. I’ve cashed in my chips. The move would save Washington about $5.3M this offseason, which could be used to pursue additional free agents.

Pre-Draft Trade: The SB Nation GM crew is a pretty savvy group, so there aren’t often chances to trade back in the first round. The Saints were looking to move up into the third round, however, and I saw an opportunity to gain some draft value. I sent Washington’s third round comp pick received for Brandon Scherff (#97) to New Orleans for #115 and #121. Per the Rich Hill trade value chart, that was a value capture of around 10 draft points for Washington ((26+23) – 39), equivalent to an extra, mid-5th round pick.

Round 1, Pick 16

Round 2, Pick 33 (from Houston for Chase Young)

Round 2, Pick 47

Round 3, Pick 97 (to New Orleans)

Round 4, Pick 115 (from New Orleans)

Round 4, Pick 118

Round 4, Pick 121 (from New Orleans)

Round 5, Pick 152

Round 6, Pick 193

Round 6, Pick 215

Round 7, Pick 235

I look forward to your thoughts in the comments below:

Draft Progression:

  1. Panthers

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