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Saraya Says She Loved Her Time In WWE But She Is Happy Now In AEW


AEW superstar Saraya took to Twitter today to fire back at the fan criticism of her most recent promo on Dynamite, where the former Paige told fans that she now has a boss (Tony Khan) who actually listens to her. This led to many trolls online giving Saraya a hard time because they assumed it was another shot at WWE.

Saraya states in her tweet that she absolutely loved her time in WWE, especially during her run in NXT under Triple H. She adds that she is now very happy in AEW before firing back at the tribalism that goes on between wrestling fans. Her full tweet reads:

“I say how my current boss listens to me and all of sudden it’s “So hAtE yOu WwE”. No I don’t. I loved my time there. I appreciate the time and the opportunities I was given. Especially in my NXT days with Triple H. I’m happy now in AEW though. Tribalism in IWC is so bizarre to me.”

Aside from her promo Saraya booked the first Lumberjack match in AEW history on this past Wednesday’s Dynamite. See her tweet, which has since been deleted, below.

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