Saraya says her hot brother is All Elite


Saraya is pissed off that Ruby Soho’s romance with Angelo Parker survived her recent attempts at sabotage.

Why is she so upset about it? It’s because she was planning to set Ruby up with her hot brother, “Zodiac” Zak Knight.

Okay, so Harley Cameron is the one who goes on about how hot he is, but Saraya does describe him as “the most eligible bachelor in the Norfolk area” and points out how “this could have been yours.”

While discussing her master plan for Ruby and Zak, Saraya also broke the news that her brother is All Elite:

Saraya concludes the segment by saying “things are about to get really spicy around here” now that her brother is on the AEW roster.

Meanwhile, Ruby and Angelo revealed that their date earlier this week was incredible. Ruby then responded to Saraya’s message by suggesting they “invite everybody out next week…and we’ll shove this right down your throat!”

That definitely sounds spicy.

For what it’s worth, I have yet to see an official graphic from AEW or post from Tony Khan confirming that “Zodiac” Zak Knight is All Elite. He has been wrestling for ROH lately and was publicly praised by Chris Jericho a couple months ago.

How do you feel about Saraya’s hot brother being All Elite? Let us know in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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