Santos Escobar has a warning for Orton ahead of his return to SmackDown


Randy Orton returned to WWE last weekend at Survivor Series 2023 and was prominently featured on this week’s (Nov. 27) episode of Raw.

Even though Orton’s been dealing with The Judgment Day since he returned, what he really wants is to hunt down The Bloodline for injuring him 18 months ago. That’s why when it was announced Randy is returning to SmackDown tomorrow night (Dec. 1) in New York City, many folks assumed he will cross paths with Roman Reigns Jim Uso or Paul Heyman.

However, it might be a different heel who ends up eating an RKO on Friday night. During an interview on WWE’s The Bump, former LWO member Santos Escobar essentially issued a warning to The Viper:

“I just heard that Randy’s gonna show up on SmackDown this Friday? Is that correct? Well I hope he doesn’t show up. ‘Cause I know he’s the legend killer, but I just sent a legend away for good. I don’t want to send him away too. So, if he’s watching this, I hope he doesn’t show up.”

Do you think Escobar will follow up on his tough talk and send Randy to the same hospital as Rey Mysterio? If not, how do you see Randy’s return to SmackDown playing out?

Give us your predictions in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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