Ryan Armor angry about PGA Tour changes: They just c*****d on everything


There has been some disagreement between Ryan Armour, who has been a member of the Player Advisory Council for many years, and what the PGA Tour executives want. As a result of the changes that are going to be implemented in the near future, there have been different reactions, mostly negative ones. It is Armor’s opinion that the PGA Tour is unfair to lower-ranked players, which is affecting their game.

“I’m going to catch heat for this,” Armour told Golf Digest, as quoted by

“But I was talking with James Hahn and we went into detail about how we need to rewrite our mission statement and take out the part about the tour creating playing opportunities for its members.

I guess we’re not doing that anymore. They just c*****d on everything (former PGA Tour commissioner) Deane Beman stood for.”

Young golfers joining LIV Golf

Armor believes that young players will lose a lot with this. It seems that the PGA Tour wants to use them, but then when it is important for them to play big events, then they will not have the chance to do so. Armor believes that this could cause resentment and a decision by young golfers to join LIV Golf.

“Guys who keep their cards, they’re good players, but they’re not going to have a chance to play the playoffs,” Armour said.

“They’re not getting into any of the designated events. But they want those players to go be mules for you at all the Pro-Ams, all the charity visits, all the hospital visits and sponsor events. And we’re good enough to do that, but we’re not good enough to play in designated events like we did this year?

Say you finished 75th on the points list, just using that as an example. Yes, you had a really good year, but you don’t get in any of the designated events. Why wouldn’t you take a LIV contract? You’ve just been told by the tour that you fought for and were loyal to that we don’t want you.”

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