Rumors of the day



  • There were never plans to do anything with the Seth Rollins/Triple H angle at Royal Rumble, according to Observer Radio. It was laid out to create buzz for NXT and try to pop a rating for Raw.
  • While Conor McGregor says he’s still talking to WWE about a future appearance, The Sun reports he already shot down a “hefty” offer from Vince McMahon, so it will take an even bigger deal that’s more favorable for the UFC star if something’s going to happen this year.
  • Impact Wrestling filmed the Hardys at Maryland Championship Wrestling on Saturday, and their title win will air as part of the team’s “Quest for Gold” storyline.
  • WWE planned for Ric Flair, who was in San Antonio, to come to the ring to congratulate John Cena for tying his record after Cena beat AJ Styles, but changed plans late, according to PWInsider. They ended up filming Flair speaking on it without Cena for online distribution.
  • Lucha Underground season four will begin filming in late Summer/early Fall, according to MLW.

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