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Rumors for the Day:

  • There were plans for AJ Styles to defend his WWE World title against the Undertaker at Royal Rumble, according to PWInsider. The shift to John Cena came around the same time the Creative team was changed up with the dismissal of Managing Writer Tom Casiello.
  • The “injury” Alexa Bliss suffered during Tuesday’s Women’s title match was possible because the champ’s elbow joints are hypermobile (aka “double jointed”); she did not break or dislocate anything.
  • Speaking of SmackDown injuries, Heath Slater Tweeted after the show he thought he’d been hurt in the tag title match, but later said he got a clean bill of health from the medical team.
  • Chris Hero is working for Evolve on Royal Rumble weekend, including a show running at the same time as TakeOver: San Antonio, so if he is still coming to WWE, it won’t be until February.
  • After working the first match in 205 Live history, the Bollywood Boys were sent back to the Performance Center, as management thought they needed more work.

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