Ruby Soho Comments On Her AEW Debut At ALL OUT: “It Just Felt Like Home Immediately”


Last night’s AEW ALL OUT pay per view saw a number of surprising debuts, including Ruby Soho (fka as Ruby Riott in WWE), who managed to pick up the victory in the women’s Casino Battle Royale matchup to earn a future title opportunity against current champion, Britt Baker.

In the post-show media scrum Soho spoke about what it felt like, calling the AEW crowd and locker room incredibly welcoming and accepting. Highlights are below.

Says the locker room and the crowd made her feel at home immediately:

“I have never experienced anything like that before. To have people have that anticipation for me and for people to want that and for people to get it, and getting excited is something that I think all of us in the wrestling industry that I have four. That moment of just being accepted and wanted and welcomed at this new Incredible company that you work for. That’s always a scare, right? You’re working in a new place, ‘Am I going to be accepted? Am I going to fit in?’ It just felt like home immediately from the moment I walked out there and it was just incredible.”

On the vignettes she released as a free agent:

“The videos that were put out, I was happy with the reception of them because people understood the story and people could — it seemed like people felt the actual journey I went on and the struggle I went through and now, this rebirth that I am at now. So, it was awesome.”

On how different the women’s division in AEW is:

“I think [this division is a crucial part of women’s wrestling]. I think the level of importance that is put on the division here is so apparent. You see different women each week, it’s not the same people. You see different women who are of different backgrounds and all thriving and succeeding and intertwining with each other. You can go on these Journeys with these women and these women have a voice. I think this place is a crucial part in the evolution that is women’s wrestling and I think I’m very, very fortunate to be a part of it.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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