Rory McIlroy texted Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay and explained the incident


Rory McIlroy once again surprised everyone with his performance at the Ryder Cup. The Northern Irishman looked superb and was a key player in his team’s victory. However, the incident that happened the day before in the parking lot between Rory McIlroy and Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay, as well as Joe LaCava caused many reactions. McIlroy was ‘rude’ to Mackay, although the latter did not say anything to him. However, Rory revealed that he apologized to ‘Bones’ after everything and texted him.

“Yeah, I text Bones this morning. He was the first American I saw after I got out of the locker room so he was the one that took the brunt of it. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I text Bones this morning and apologized for that. “

McIlroy was furious about LaCava waving his hat in front of him. He had an impulsive reaction.

“I was angry coming out of that yesterday. I was pretty angry. I didn’t agree with what happened on 18, but I think I let it fuel the fire today and it focused me and I was able to go out there and get my point.”

He told Bones everything he was going to tell LaCava.

“It was directed at Joe but said at Bones. But Joe wasn’t there.”

Shane Lowry helped Rory McIlroy

Shane Lowry was the main character in the whole story, considering that he was the one who “calmed” the passions. He managed to take Rory McIlroy to the hotel, after which the Northern Irishman ‘cooled off’.

“I was relieved. He took me down to the cold plunge in the hotel and let me cool off there for a few minutes, too. Yeah, very relieved.”

Rory McIlroy can be happy how things ended, given that he won the trophy, which is the most important thing.

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