Ronda Rousey on WWE fans’ expectations, Performing in a movie vs performing in WWE


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I just chatted with Ronda Rousey in Los Angeles for her new movie MILE 22. Ronda talks about the low expectations fans had for her WWE debut at WrestleMania 34, the difference between acting in a movie and acting in WWE, the advice she got from The Rock and what it’s like working with director Peter Berg.

The expectations WWE fans have of her:

“I think that going into any new career like wrestling or acting or anything like that a lot of people assume that you can only be really good at one thing and that if you master one thing you’ll never be able to master anything else as well. There’s a lot of low expectations going into things and it’s harder to learn with the world watching as opposed to being able to learn in private. But it comes with the territory and it makes things a little bit more difficult but it also helps me improve even quicker that my first match is at WrestleMania.”

The differences between performing in a film and performing in WWE:

“It’s very different in that you only get one shot and everything is live. People aren’t going to reset the shot for every single scene so you need to be very aware of where the cameras are at all times to make sure they’re catching what’s going on. If you’re acting in a movie you’re just going to do exactly what you need to do and you’re just in with the character but with WWE you have to think about ‘Ok, I have to take moment because this happened and I have to register on my face that this happened. I have to wait a few minutes because I’m facing this way and it’s going to take them three seconds to come around this side and have this person cue me.’ So it’s being very aware of that and also memorizing dialogue very last minute because you show up and you don’t know what’s going on and they’re like ‘Here’s two pages of dialogue. Don’t screw it up, they’re going to be a live audience actively trying to make you screw up. Go.’”

Advice she got from The Rock:

“He didn’t really give me any advice. Just to have fun. The object is to have fun, that’s all.”

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