Ronda Rousey Knocks The Bella Twins, Talks Facing Nikki Bella at Evolution, More (Video)


As noted, tonight’s WWE RAW from Philadelphia will feature RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey addressing The Bella Twins after last week’s heel turn, which set up Nikki Bella vs. Rousey for WWE Evolution. Above is video of TMZ Sports catching up with Rousey and husband Travis Browne.

Regarding last week’s attack on RAW, Browne said The Bella Twins barked up the wrong tree and are going down. Rousey said she’s not interested in making new friends and she does trust Natalya but The Bellas are a “bunch of untrustworthy bitches.”

“I’m new, I’m new to the industry, you know I’m trying to make friends and be friendly, and show everybody that I’m here to help out and not steal anybody’s thunder or anything like that,” Rousey added.

Rousey also mentioned that she and Nikki will be headlining the Evolution pay-per-view.

“We got the first all-women’s pay-per-view coming up for the WWE, me and Nikki are going to be headlining,” Rousey said. “So if she wants to be my antagonist, that’s fine. All I really care about is the success of the pay-per-view, and anything else you want to hear about how I feel about The Bella Twins – just went live.”

Rousey noted that her new website will feature a living documentary where fans an follow her around the world, among other features. She continued about how she will take care of Nikki at Evolution.

“The most respectful thing for me to do is go out and beat her right away, right?,” Rousey asked. “I’m not going to be respectful, no. This is much more personal I think. This was a planned attack and I think I feel more embarrassed that they were able to fool me in the first place.”

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