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Ron Rivera Presser: We’re going to evaluate the tape and I’ll make a QB decision next week.


Ron Rivera speaks to the media after today’s loss to the 49ers

Ron Rivera

Missed opportunities:

Taylor Heinicke or Carson Wentz starting going forward?:

“We’re gonna evaluate the tape, we’ll talk about those things and I’ll make a decision next week. And I’ll make it early, too, because whoever’s gonna start is gonna get the chance to work.”

Chase Young:

Taylor Heinicke:

Switching to Carson Wentz:

Carson Wentz’s play:

Kam Curl:

Taylor Heinicke

Carson Wentz

Heinicke’s 1st half:

Chase Young

Playing more than 12-16 snaps:

Cleveland Browns:

Terry McLaurin

Kam Curl

Ankle injury:

Darrick Forrest

George Kittle’s 1st TD:

Montez Sweat

The loss:

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