Roman Reigns Comments On Tyson Fury Knocking Out Theory At WWE Clash at the Castle


WWE Undisputed Universal champion Roman Reigns addressed the media at Saturday’s press conference, where it was announced that the Tribal Chief would defend his title against Logan Paul at the November 5th Crown Jewel event.

At the conference Reigns would be asked by Radio Rahim about Tyson Fury’s involvement in his Clash at the Castle match with Drew McIntyre, which saw the Gypsy King knock out Austin Theory, who was attempting to insert himself into the matchup with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Highlights from the interview are belwo.

On Tyson Fury knocking out Theory at Clash at the Castle:

Well, he did a solid. I think he was lost in the match along with everybody else that was in that stadium. He saw a guy like Austin Theory running down there, trying to interrupt this great battle that was taking place in front of them, and he pulled the trigger and stopped it himself.

Says Fury allowed the match to play out so he could see a true champion win:

So I think that was just him being a huge fan in the moment and not wanting that moment to be ruined by some dummy like Theory. He just stepped in, intervened, and he allowed it to play out like a champion would want it to be seen. Then, the true champion won the match and everything is how it needs to b,e the world is perfect.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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