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Roman Reigns Clears Up Gossip, Brie Bella Struggles To Describe John Cena, Lana Hitting The WWE PC


– Above, Nikki Bella asked Brie to describe John Cena using five adjectives. Brie struggled a bit, but came up with clean, smart, athletic, funny, and has a great smile.

– According to PWInsider, Lana has been in Florida (presumably at the WWE Performance Center) to get some extra training before the Women’s Money the Bank Ladder Match on June 17. Earlier this week, Lana defeated Billie Kay in a qualifying match on SmackDown, which you can check out below.

– On Twitter, some individuals got into an excessively long conversation about gossip of Roman Reigns turning away a young girl who wanted a picture with the WWE Superstar. Reigns finally addressed the conversation writing, “First of all, it was a grown man that approached me while I was feeding my sons breakfast and talking to my daughter. Before I could finish saying ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t get much time with my family,’ he stormed off calling me a ‘sell out.’ That’s the truth. Get your gossip right.” Reigns is scheduled to face Jinder Mahal at WWE Money in the Bank.

He told a 10 year old little girl to get lost. Are you not paying attention?
— Embiid Pioneer (@PorcelainPrinc) May 27, 2018


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