Ring Of Honor Results – 4th November 2015



Tonight’s show starts off with Kyle O’Reilly talking about his two opponents tonight. He says that one of the two men, he respects and admires. That man is AJ Styles. The other man, he considered a friend, a type of friend who does not come along in wrestling. He turned his back on him and betrayed his trust. He embarrassed him in front of the whole world. If he has to go through AJ Styles to get toAdam Cole. If he has to obliterate a man he respects to get to Adam Cole, so be it. He tells Adam he feels sorry for him and his family for having to see him laying in a hospital bed eating his meals through a straw. It ends with you laying face down, unconscious, scarred, and beaten with Kyle O’Reilly’s arm in the air.

We are in San Antonio. Texas and your announcers are Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness, and Mark Briscoe.

We see The Boys accompanying Silas Young to the ring and the transformation has begun. They are now wearing pants and t-shirts instead of their usual attire when they were with Dalton Castle.

Silas yells at The Boys for trying to fan the Young Bucks.

Match Number One: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson versus Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser (with The Boys)

Young and Nick start things off and they lock up. Nick with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Nick with a cartwheel and he lands on his feet on a back drop by Young. Nick with a drop kick and Matt tags in. Nick with a drop toe hold and Matt with a slingshot leg drop. The Bucks hit a double thrust kick to Bruiser and then Matt sends Nick into the air with an alley oop drop kick.

Matt punches Silas and Silas with an Irish whip. Matt with an elbow but Silas with a clothesline off the turnbuckles. Bruiser tags in and he misses a clothesline. Matt with a kick and punches but Bruiser sends Matt into the turnbuckles and Silas tags in and hits a forearm in the corner. Bruiser with a running butt splash and Silas with a knee. Bruiser with a cannonball for a near fall by Young.

Silas kicks Matt in the head and slaps him. Matt and Silas exchange punches while The Boys fan each other since they cannot fan any of the wrestlers. Silas with an Irish whip but Matt with boots to Silas. Matt with a forearm to Bruiser on the apron. Nick tags in and he hits a back heel kick on Silas followed by a running knee to Bruiser. Nick with an elbow and a springboard drop kick to Bruiser that knocks him off the apron. Nick with a shoulder to Silas and then he hits a slingshot X Factor and follows with a moonsault off the apron onto Bruiser.

Nick goes up top for a swanton but rolls through. Young with a back breaker and follows with a clothesline. Silas with a Finlay Slam and then he sets for a headstand splash off the top but Matt with a super kick. Matt with a head scissors on Bruiser and Nick with a drop kick to knock Bruiser off the apron.

Silas gets on the apron and he says this match was supposed to be The Boys against these two young punks. He says he did the Boys a favor by softening them up. Silas tells them to finish the job.

No Contest

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson versus The Boys (with Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser)

Matt and Boy One start things off and they lock up. Matt with a side head lock. Matt with a shoulder tackle and he hits a super kick. Boy Two pulls Boy One into his corner so he can tag in. Nick tags in as well. They lock up and Boy Two with a side head lock. Nick picks him up and carries him around the ring. Nick with a shoulder tackle.

Silas grabs Nick’s foot and Boy Two with a drop kick and arm drag. Nick with a Too Sweet to the eyes and he sends Boy Two into the turnbuckles. Boy Two with an Irish whip and Nick with a super kick to Young and Bruiser from the apron. Nick flips into the ring and he hits a gut buster and Matt with a swinging neck breaker into a back breaker. Matt tags in.

Matt with a clothesline into the corner and Nick follows. Nick is sent to the apron and Boy Two moves so Nick hits his brother with an enzuigiri. Boy One tags back in and goes up top and hits a double missile drop kick. Boy One with a double rana. Nick and Matt with a double super kick. Boy Two comes off the turnbuckles and he is met with a double super kick. Matt with a buckle bomb of Boy Two into Boy One in the turnbuckles while Nick hits an enzuigiri on Boy One.

Nick with a plancha onto Young and Bruiser. Matt picks up both Boys for a Double More Bang For Your Buck and the three count.

Winners: Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson

After the match, Silas and The Bruiser berate The Boys for their performance. Nick and Matt with a double super kick on Beer City Bruiser. They set for one on Silas, but he turns around in time and is able to get out of the ring.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at why Steve Corino is not on commentary this week.

Kevin mentions that Nigel McGuinness was served with papers for a lawsuit filed by Veda Scott against Ring of Honor. Nigel says he cannot discuss the details. He says they have done nothing wrong and if they have their day in court, they will come out on top.

Match Number Three: Will Ferrara versus Roderick Strong

Will comes after Strong as the bell rings but Strong moves and he chops Ferrara. Strong with a series of Irish whips but Strong runs into a boot and Ferrara with a head scissors from the turnbuckles. Strong with a drop kick and he kicks Ferrara. Strong with a back breaker and he gets a near fall. Strong with a knee to the back. Ferrara with punches and forearms. Strong with a drop kick.

Strong kicks Ferrara and then he hits a belly-to-back suplex. Strong with a rear chin lock into a camel clutch. Ferrara with elbows to Strong but Strong with a slam and then he stomps on the side of the head. Strong with a butterfly suplex for a near fall. Strong with a modified abdominal stretch.

Ferrara with elbows and forearms. Ferrara with elbows and a swinging neck breaker. Strong counters an Asai DDT and Strong misses a knee in the corner. Ferrara with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall. Strong goes to the floor and Ferrara goes to the apron but Strong pulls him off. Ferrara is sent back onto the apron and Ferrara with a tornado DDT to the floor. Ferrara with Code Red for a near fall.

Ferrara goes for the Asai DDT again but Strong escapes and hits a double knee gut buster followed by a jumping knee strike to the head. Strong puts Ferrara into the Strong Hold and Ferrara taps out.

Winner: Roderick Strong

We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest episode of Inside ROH with Mandy Leon. It is time to talk about the feud between Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal.

She mentions the two matches that Roderick and Jay have had this summer and then we see how we got to our third match between the two men, and how it will be for the Ring of Honor Television Title.

Jay Lethal has something to say about this. He says when he thinks of Roderick Strong, he thinks of guts and determination. He appreciates Roddy’s his determination. When he has a kid with the hottest woman in the world, he hopes that he has Roddy’s determination. He won’t be a loser like you, but he will have his determination. How many times do you have to beat someone until they get the hint? Roddy got one over on him and he must have Nigel in his back pocket. You cannot get the job done, so you take the short route. It is just a coincidence that Nigel was sitting at ringside. It is just a coincidence that Nigel named you number one contender when you did not deserve it.

Jay tells Roddy to burn the image of him with both titles into his head. Jay also tells Roderick thatTruth Martini taught him everything he knows. You got Nigel working with you. Nigel, you disgust him. Where were you when Jay had to unfairly put up both titles at All Star Extravaganza. Where were you when I could not get a World Title Match the first time I was in ROH. Where were you when the dealership gave him a crappy Mustang? You were at home playing cards. This is not a card game, this is my life. Jay says he is the greatest wrestler in the world.

We go to commercial.

We are back for the main event and Jay Lethal is at ringside because the man who will face him for the World Title is in this match (even though the guy wrestling him for the television title was in the prior match and he didn’t show up at ringside).

In addition to Jay Lethal at the announce table, Michael Bennett, Maria Kanellis, and Matt Taven joinAdam Cole at ringside. Michael Bennett and Bobby Fish join Kyle O’Reilly at ringside. AJ Styles is joined by Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson at ringside.

After the streamers are taken from the ring and before the match starts, Nigel McGuinness gets on the mic. He says that when he made this Triple Threat Match, it was AJ Styles, Kyle O’Reilly, and Adam Cole. He wanted to see who was the best man, but with all of these people out here, that is not going to happen.

He tells the Young Bucks to go to the back. He also wants Bobby Fish and Michael Elgin to go to the back.

For some reason, The Kingdom thinks that is funny because they think they will be able to stay at ringside, but Nigel tells them they have to get their asses to the back.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Kyle O’Reilly versus Adam Cole versus AJ Styles

Cole starts on the floor and Kyle goes after Cole after getting AJ’s blessing. Cole is chased back into the ring and Styles clotheslines Cole over the top rope to the floor. Kyle with a series of kicks to the chest against the apron. Styles with a slingshot plancha onto Kyle and Styles rolls Cole into the ring. Styles sends Cole into the turnbuckles and then hits a back breaker. Styles with forearms to Kyle.

Styles goes for a sunset flip but Kyle blocks it and applies a cross arm breaker. Cole goes to kick Kyle and Kyle blocks it and applies a knee bar. Styles kicks Kyle to get him to release the hold. Styles with an Irish whip and Cole floats over but Kyle with a waist lock to Cole. Cole with an elbow and then he sets for the fisherman’s neck breaker on Styles. Kyle with a German suplex on Cole while Cole holds on and hits a fisherman’s suplex on Styles.

Kyle gets a near fall on Styles and then he gets a near fall on Cole. Kyle does a throat slash on Cole and kicks him in the chest. Kyle is sent over the top rope when Styles pulls down the top rope. Styles with a kick to Cole and then Styles with a moonsault off the apron into an inverted DDT on Kyle. Cole with a suicide dive onto Styles that sends him into the guardrails.

Cole sends Kyle into the ring and he kicks Kyle in the knee to get him ready for the figure four leg lock. Cole with elbows to the leg and knee. Cole with a dragon screw leg whip. Cole kicks Styles off the apron and Kyle and Cole exchange forearms. Kyle with the advantage and Cole with a thrust kick to the knee.

Cole signals for the figure four leg lock but Kyle kicks him away. Kyle with a knee to the head and he applies a guillotine on Cole. Styles comes in from the apron and hits a springboard forearm but Cole with a flying knee on Styles for a near fall.

Cole with forearms to Styles but Styles with the Calf Killer and Kyle puts Styles in a cross arm breaker. Cole joins in the attack on Styles with a figure four leg lock. Kyle releases the hold on Styles and he connects with palm strikes and he applies a cross arm breaker on Cole. Styles with a phenomenal knee drop on Kyle to get him to release the hold.

Styles with a slam to Kyle and we go to commercial.

We are back and Styles and Cole exchange forearms. Styles misses an enzuigiri but he does not miss a Pele Kick. Kyle with a monkey flip to Styles but AJ lands on his feet. Unfortunately it is right in front of Cole who hits a super kick on Styles. Cole with a super kick to Kyle but Kyle bounces off the ropes with a clothesline. Kyle with a brainbuster on Cole for a near fall.

Styles with a forearm to Kyle and Kyle fires back. Kyle with a European uppercut and forearms. Styles avoids back heel sweep and he connects with forearms and slaps. Kyle with kicks and a slap followed by a knee. Kyle with a triangle choke on Styles but Styles is able to counter and he tries for a Styles Clash but Cole with a super kick to the back of Styles’ head.

Cole sends AJ to the floor and Cole with a neck breaker out of a suplex for the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, The Kingdom come into the ring and they go after Kyle O’Reilly. Bobby Fish andMichael Elgin make their way to the ring along with the Young Bucks. The Kingdom, Elgin, Fish, and O’Reilly are on the floor along with Styles from a few moments abo. Matt with a baseball slide and then he holds the ropes for Nick to hit a plancha onto everyone.

Styles and Matt get Taven and Cole set up for a double IndyTaker.

Jay Lethal comes into the ring with both title belts and he gets in AJ Styles’ face. Lethal holds up the World Title and Styles tries to hold the belt but Jay pulls it away from him.

We go to credits.

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