Ricochet’s WWE run looks to be over after Breakker sends him to the hospital


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After word got out over the weekend that Ricochet had essentially given notice to WWE, on Monday afternoon we heard that the June 10 Raw was the last date on the former Intercontinental & United States champion’s contract.

WWE creative didn’t seem to have been caught off guard too much by Ricochet’s decision to test the free agent market. He’s been involved in a program with Bron Breakker on Monday nights of late, as the company works to establish the second-generation star as a major threat on the main roster. You didn’t need to a Master’s Degree in pro wrestling booking to see where that was headed.

Sure enough, on last night’s show Ricochet saved Ilja Dragunov from a post-match beatdown after his loss to Breakker. That didn’t sit well with Rick Steiner’s son, who later found Dragunov backstage as Ricochet was carrying his friend, and hit the Russian with another spear. Ric again tried to help his friend, but it didn’t go well this time. After landing a few strikes, Bron got the upperhand and lawn dart-ed The One & Only into a production truck and slammed him onto a car windshield.

Ricochet could be heard saying he couldn’t breath, and then was stretchered into an ambulance. His real-life fiancee, ring announcer Samantha Irvin, left her post to accompany him (and really sell the attack), with Pat McAfee taking over her duties for the rest of the night.

As my main man Marcus Benjamin pointed out in his always excellent review of the show, it’s hard to quibble with how WWE handled this situation — at least from a creative perspective. Ricochet looked like a hero (and got to show off his skills while making the save of Dragunov ringside), Breakker is an even bigger monster than he was before, and Irvin — who, by all indications, isn’t going anywhere — had her profile raised even further.

Conventional wisdom says we’ll next see Ricochet in AEW, but we should know more about that soon enough.

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