Ricochet ended up with 6 stitches and a lump in his head after Miracle on 34th Street Fight


WWE kept tradition this year, as they held a Miracle on 34th Street Fight on Friday Night SmackDown this week. It was a tag team match this year, as Ricochet teamed up with Braun Strowman to take down Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser & Giovanni Vinci.

It was a fun match that featured all the usual bells and whistles. By bells and whistles, of course, I mean assorted weaponry. The inevitable result of that are some bangs and bruises, and Ricochet made clear he had some issues coming out of it:

The update:

It’s great that he’s okay both on its own and because we can laugh about how he held this back for an entire week just to keep up appearances. SmackDown this week was taped last week to account for the holiday.

That lump is probably already gone by now.

Either way, we stand in appreciation of his sacrifice for our entertainment!

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