Ricky Starks Talks The Rise Of Hook In AEW: “I’m Proud To See Where He’s At”


AEW star and current FTW champion Ricky Starks recently spoke with Comicbook.com about a wide range of pro-wrestling related topics, including his thoughts on fellow Team Taz member Hook, and his rise amongst the AEW ranks. Highlights from the interview are below.

On Hook’s rise in AEW:

Says he told Hook to wear a hood but Taz wanted him to show his face:

The same guy, there’s no difference I remember when he first started with us back in Jacksonville…A lot of people didn’t get him. A lot of people did not understand him or like couldn’t figure out what [he] was about. And I’ll never forget being like, “Hey if you wanna wear a hood on TV, you should do it. Just try it, just do it.” And his dad [Taz] was like, “No, he’s gotta show his face.” [I said] “No just let him do it. Let’s see what happens.

How proud they are of Hook’s rise in AEW:

So it’s cool to see that it take off the way it has. And obviously we are very proud to see how far he’s come. Especially from when he first started to where it is now. The Team Taz group has been through a lot, quite a bit. And where we’re at right now is not where we want to be, but it’s way better than where we were. So I’m glad and I’m proud to see where he’s at. And he’s awesome.

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