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Ric Flair Discusses CM Punk Potentially Returning To WWE


Ric Flair recently talked about a wide range of topics on his To Be The Man podcast. 

During it, he was asked whether he could see CM Punk make a return to WWE. 

It looks like CM Punk is on his way out of AEW as the promotion is reportedly in talks with the former world Champion about buying out his contract, with the only hang-up being the non-compete period. 

There has been speculation about Punk potentially returning to WWE should AEW buy out his contract.

“In this day and age I can see anything. “I mean, that was very heated. I wasn’t there during all that. As I’ve said before, I only know him to say hi. But that lawsuit with the doctor and all that, I don’t know how the guys would handle that. I don’t think he was a candidate for wrestler the year when he was there. I think he thought he was better than John Cena which is absolutely not the truth as far as being the face of the company. I’ve heard the remark that he should have been John Cena, and in my opinion, that wouldn’t fly.”

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