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Report: Lions will play NFC North foe on Thanksgiving


NFL: NOV 25 Bears at Lions
Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Detroit Lions will reportedly play the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving for the 4th time in the last 7 years.

The Detroit Lions schedule leaks are starting to come in, as we get nearer to the 8 p.m. ET official NFL schedule release. For the fourth time in the past seven years, the Detroit Lions will face off against the Chicago Bears on Thanksgiving, according to The 33rd Team.

The Lions are currently in the midst of a seven-game losing streak on Thanksgiving—with their last win coming against the Vikings in 2017. The Bears have won three straight Thanksgiving games against Detroit, with the Lions’ last holiday win over Chicago coming in 2014. That said, the Lions have won three of their last four games against the Bears.

But this version of the Bears will be much different than the one we’ve seen in the recent past. Most notably, out is Justin Fields, in is rookie quarterback Caleb Williams. The Bears also won four of their final six games in 2023 (including one over the Lions), so Chicago is entering the season with a fair amount of expectations.

While another NFC North matchup on Thanksgiving is slightly disappointing and boring, this particular matchup could be a big one, as both teams have realistic playoff chances this year.

Check out all of the latest Lions schedule news and rumors with our 2024 Lions schedule tracker, and keep your eyes peeled for the entire schedule to be released around 8 p.m. ET on Thursday night. We’ll have instant analysis, quick thoughts, and full coverage of the 2024 NFL schedule release.

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