Report: Hangman Page’s ankle injury is a work


AEW Collision

There was some concern coming out of last night’s (Feb. 21) episode of AEW Dynamite that Hangman Page suffered a serious ankle injury in the main event match.

After Page escaped from Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster finishing move, he grabbed his ankle on the landing, tagged out of the match, and remained on the floor outside the ring for the rest of the show. Speculation about a potential broken ankle really picked up after Page frantically told the AEW camera man to not shoot him in the aftermath.

The latest update on the situation indicates that Hangman was just doing his job very well, per Fightful Select. Even though Page was limping and helped to the backstage area after Dynamite went off the air, Fightful was told that this whole thing is a work, and Hangman is “completely fine.”

Why would AEW work a Hangman ankle injury into kayfabe all of a sudden? I’m just speculating here, but a worked injury like this could perhaps lead to a compromised Hangman taking the fall on March 3 at Revolution in the three-way match for the AEW world championship where he’ll be competing against Samoa Joe and Swerve Strickland.

What do you make of the Hangman ankle injury story, Cagesiders?

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