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Report: Bengals ‘could be looming large’ in Ezekiel Elliott market


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Could the Bengals actually end up with Ezekiel Elliott on their roster?

The Cincinnati Bengals are almost assuredly going to add at least one more running back to their roster prior to the 2023 NFL season.

Cincinnati fans are being caught up now in a whiplash of whether or not the team may add former Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott to their squad as a new report comes out that the Bengals could be in the market for Elliott.

Here’s what ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler had to say.

Some of the key phrases to pick up on. “Talking to some teams and people around the league” is the biggest here. This doesn’t necessarily mean anyone involved with Cincinnati is confirming the interest. We even saw head coach Zac Taylor give a sort of a non-answer when talking about the rumor.

One of the others is that Elliott or any other running back brought in could be coupled with Mixon or aid the team in leaning towards releasing the veteran running back and saving roughly $8 million in cap space.

For that to transpire, we would likely have to see the Bengals sign and then draft a running back fairly high. It isn’t like they have anywhere to throw that saved cap space immediately.

It is certainly an interesting development, but it seems like we are probably in wait-and-see mode. As mentioned in the video, Kareem Hunt may be just as likely (if not a better) a target as Elliott is currently. We all know the team will add a running back, but it probably has to be at the right price more than anything.

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