Reilly Opelka sounds off on ‘boring’ Netflix’s Break Point


Reilly Opelka thinks Netlix’s tennis documentary “Break Point” didn’t really live up to the expectation and draw interest to the game. 

This past January, Netflix released the first season of Break Point, which featured five episodes. 

In June, the second part will be launched.

“I mean you look at the few sports that have done Netflix series now F1, golf, tennis. Tennis finished third by a mile. It’s not a crazy radical thought that that was a boring show. I thought from the first episode I thought it was horrible,” Opelka said on The Craig Shapiro Podcast, per Sportskeeda.

Opelka believes Break Point was pretty censored and that there just wasn’t anything controversial. 

“It was very basic. They really dumbed it down too much in the tennis aspect. They weren’t controversial. I was surprised to the extent they shared in F1. You really get an inside look. It’s as transparent as it can be and it’s as censored as you can imagine in tennis. That these are the same people that brought out the drive to survive, you wouldn’t know. It’s a completely different format,” Opelka said.

Opelka had a hip surgery

Opelka, a former world No 17, hasn’t played since early August.

Now, Opelka reveals he had a surgical procedure on his hip. 

“I had a procedure (on the hip). I took a fall on the court and wiped out. It was very awkward. I’ll make a full recovery, there’s no big concern. They didn’t have to open up the joint, it was just outside of it. If you’re looking at the brighter side of things, that’s it. I’ll make a full recovery, it’ll all be fine. I just have to be patient,” Opelka revealed. 

Recently, Opelka returned to the court and started practicing but then suffered a wrist issue. 

However, it’s not something concerning and Opelka is expected to soon make his comeback.

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