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Red Velvet Says Bryan Danielson Has Been Helping Her With Her Heel Persona In AEW


AEW star Red Velvet was a recent guest on the Grapsody podcast to discuss her new heel persona, and how top talent Bryan Danielson has been helping her develop her character. That and more can be found in the highlights below.

Says Bryan Danielson has been helping her behind the scenes to develop her heel persona:

“Currently, right now, I’m working a lot behind the scenes with BJ Whitmer. He’s one of the agents. I work a lot hand-in-hand with him. I’m training with Jade as well with Bryan Danielson. That’s been a gear change. He’s somebody I really look up to and somebody I’ve watched, I wouldn’t say growing up because it was later in the time, when I was older and Bryan got to WWE. I’ve been watching a lot of his stuff and the fact that he gets to get in the ring with Jade and I and little things, from the basics, it’s been great and he’s really helped me tap into how aggressive I can get and be as a heel. I have to thank him because I’m been training a lot more with him. We still train with Dustin and stuff, but more focus on my heel character and change has definitely been Bryan and BJ behind the scenes.”

How the Rhodes family saw potential in her at the beginning of her AEW run:

“Starting at AEW, I was immediately taken under…obviously Dustin (Rhodes), he’s the head trainer, so Dustin saw something special in me and took me under his wing. At the time as well, Cody and Brandi definitely took me under their wing and it all went uphill from there. It was nothing that was planned, it was perfect timing. Brandi had another venture in her life, she got pregnant, and I was grateful that Cody saw something in me to put me in that position because, at the time, I was not signed with AEW on a straight All Elite contract when I wrestled Jade and Shaq. To even be put in that position, for him to have thought that I could hold that position in such a caliber of match was very nice. There were so many who have had a hand in helping me out. Vickie (Guerrero) has been really great, she’s been the best figure for the women’s locker room since I’ve been there. I don’t want to leave anyone out because there’s been so many people of the faculty and office who have helped me grow and weren’t afraid to tell me ‘this didn’t look that good, we need to change this.’ I have to thank all the agents I’ve ever worked with, from then until now.”

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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