Reason for Santos Escobar vs. Karrion Kross Not Taking Place on This Week’s WWE NXT


The non-title match between WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar and Karrion Kross was reportedly nixed from this week’s NXT episode due to a medical issue.

As noted, Kross vs. Escobar had been advertised for last night’s NXT show, but the match disappeared from the WWE website on Wednesday morning and was not being advertised. WWE then aired a segment last night where Escobar told NXT General Manager William Regal that he was going home because he didn’t like being threatened, and that the match would happen on his terms. Regal then announced the match for next Wednesday night and said even though this is a non-title bout, Escobar will be stripped of the title and suspended indefinitely if he does not show up.

In an update, it was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that the Kross vs. Escobar match was delayed due to a medical reason. No specifics on the medical issue were provided. Dave Meltzer noted that he first heard of the medical reason and the match being nixed on Tuesday, the day before the show, adding that he was really surprised to hear that the match was re-scheduled for just one week later.

It was also said that the Kross vs. Escobar feud was a storyline out of necessity, not a planned storyline.

There’s no word on what WWE has planned for Kross vs. Escobar next week, or if the match will actually happen. Kross and Escobar have been feuding for a few weeks now after Escobar insulted Kross on the mic during a promo.

Besides the pre-recorded promo from his car, Escobar did not appear on last night’s show. His Legado del Fantasma partners Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza were also missing. Kross and Scarlett later appeared in a pre-recorded backstage segment where they issued a warning to Escobar.

Stay tuned for more on the Kross vs. Escobar feud. Below is video of last night’s NXT segments:

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