Real Madrid’s surprising position in the Negreira scandal


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For several days now, it’s been a scandal that has shaken Barça and could have terrible implications. Accused of having collaborated for several years with the vice-president of the referees committee in office at that time, José Maria Enriquez Negreira, without a contract, Barça finds itself in a turmoil which gives rise every day to great twists.

Yesterday, a meeting of La Liga clubs which was initially intended to take stock of financial management, and in particular the announcements of the new salary caps for each club, turned into a crisis meeting in this new episode of Barçagate. Javier Tebas also took the opportunity to put hellish pressure on Joan Laporta; called to resign if he failed to shed light on this affair and justify everything…

Real Madrid don’t want to get involved

A stroke of pressure that could have been accompanied by a global revolt of La Liga clubs. It was in any case the wish of the president of Atlético Miguel Angel Gil Marin, who urged the clubs to come together to denounce the scandal. Obviously, Mateu Alemany who represented Barça opposed it. But above all, Real Madrid would have liked according to AS stay away from this whole thing. A cautious position on the part of the great rival Merengue which would not have been to the taste of the boss of Atlético who expected a united and clear position from the La Liga clubs. Finally, it was several clubs including Sevilla or Espanyol Barcelona who therefore communicated individually …

To sum up

The situation becomes very tense around Barça in the midst of the Negreira scandal. But Real Madrid took a surprising position. While La Liga clubs want to be rebellious, Barça’s great rival refuses to get involved.

Real Madrid’s surprising position in the Negreira scandal 24hfootnews.

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