Randy Orton likely to get surgery, could miss WrestleMania


Randy-OrtoAs noted, Randy Orton is expected to be out of action for 4-6 months (if he gets surgery) due to his shoulder injury (Which was informed Last Week on RAW). That might keep him out of WrestleMania in Dallas. He is most likely to get surgery. Also, as we noted last week, Orton was working on a bad shoulder before his injury. The injury occurred when his shoulder dislocated while he was taking out the garbage. It was out of the socket for several hours.

Orton underwent an MRI a few weeks ago and it came back that he had a Bankart lesion in his shoulder, some stretched ligaments, a dislocated shoulder and a partially torn rotator cuff. He was told that if he doesn’t get surgery then his shoulder would continue to dislocate easily. Orton has had shoulder problems throughout his career. He has to make his decision soon on the surgery because if he delays it then the window for WrestleMania starts to close. It’s already going to be a tight timeframe even if he does get the surgery.

Orton suffered shoulder injuries in 2005 in a match with The Undertaker, 2010 in a match with Jack Swagger, 2012 in a match with Stevie Richards, 2013 while he was feuding with The Shield, and the most recent dislocated shoulder. Orton has said in the past that he was born with hypermobile shoulders so he had to get a procedure done many years ago to get them tightened up.

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