Ramos comes out of silence after a big controversy!


After the elimination against Bayern, the Spanish defender Sergio Ramos would have dared to insult the entire Parisian institution.

Wednesday evening, PSG was knocked out of the Champions League by falling for the second time against Bayern (0-1, 0-2). A setback that some players of the French team had a hard time digesting. This is the case of Sergio Ramos.

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The seasoned Spanish back, who was among the least bad Parisians on the pitch, made shocking remarks at the final whistle of the match. Frustrated by this outing, the 5e in 7 years from the round of 16, he would have let go: “ the bitch who gave birth to you Paris. His fucking mother “.

Sergio Ramos, the focus

The Spanish channel Movistar was responsible for the lip reading and the comments reported to Ramos have not been confirmed by any other source. If they turn out that this statement is authentic, it may not please the club’s management too much. Already that the supporters of the team are inflamed on the canvas. Some ask for an apology from the player and others even demand his departure following this verbal skid.

This episode still needed to be put into perspective. First because Ramos spoke out of anger and did not think he was being filmed at all. In these circumstances, we can often say things that we quickly regret afterwards. Moreover, it would seem that in Spanish making this kind of statement would not be as vulgar as the French translation would suggest. On the other side of the Pyrenees, we very often use this kind of language, without it offending anyone.

Above all, the 2010 world champion broke the silence to clarify things. On social networks, the Spaniard assured that he had never made these comments. ” I don’t usually dwell on this subject, but I don’t want to acknowledge something that didn’t happen. At no time do I say Paris, I make a sound of disappointment “pssss” or “pfff”. in the context of an expression (crude, admittedly) that we are used to saying in football. Let’s not invent, let’s not look for something where there is nothing. ” End of the story.

Ramos comes out of silence after a big controversy! 24hfootnews.

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