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Raiders podcast: This is who the Raiders are


Las Vegas Raiders v Pittsburgh Steelers
Josh McDaniels | Photo by Gaelen Morse/Getty Images

Another week, another heartbreaking defeat

With two games remaining in this miserably disappointing season, we know this about the Las Vegas Raiders — they are good enough to compete and bad enough to lose most of their games.

Yes, nearly every game is close, but the Raiders are 6-9 for a reason. They’ve earned this record.

Week 16’s loss 13-10 loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday night was just another example of what this team is. They compete all game and then usually fail. And, yes, I point to head coach Josh McDaniels and his staff for being the biggest issue with the team.

We discussed that and much more, including:

  • Don’t get to excited about the defense.
  • Should Derek Carr play the rest of the season.
  • They actually got playoff help this week.
  • The 49ers are a bad matchup
  • Keys to 49ers’ game.
  • & more!

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