Rafael Nadal: I’m a competitor but I’m not obsessed about Grand Slam race


Rafael Nadal is thrilled with the accomplishments he has managed to achieve and suggests he will be happy even if he is not the one that finishes with the most Grand Slams. 

Nadal, a record 22-time Grand Slam champion, is widely considered among the greatest players of all time.

But tennis fans are divided when it comes to the ultimate tennis GOAT – some feel it’s Nadal, while there are those who argue that Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic deserve that title. 

Also, some feel that the player who finishes with the most Grand Slam titles should be considered the GOAT.

Djokovic is currently second on the all-time list with 21 Grand Slams, while Federer finished his career with 20 Majors. 

Nadal acknowledged that he has always been a competitor but suggested that he is not losing any sleep over the Grand Slam race.

Nadal: I’m beyond grateful for everything I have achieved 

“There will be one that will be the best, which I don’t think is easy to define because everyone has their arguments to defend one player or another beyond the objective data. In addition, today two of those three tennis players are still active. In the end what matters is that both Federer and Djokovic or I have done much more than we had dreamed of. I don’t like to talk about these things because I am part of the equation but by numbers we have achieved things that have never been done before in our sport, so the three of us will go down in tennis history. Of course I would like to be the one who ends up with the biggest ones. Yes of course. I am a competitor, without a doubt, but for me it has never been an obsession nor will it be. Well, it may be an illusion, but not an obsession at all. In the end I always say the same thing and I can only thank life for everything it has made me live for so many years, not only as a tennis player but as a sports fan, because I have been able to experience many things that I would never have dreamed of when I was a short,” Nadal told Marca.

In January, Nadal will be hoping to defend his Australian Open title and win his 23 Grand Slam title.

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