R-Truth vs Andrade Almas, Matt Riddle “Thanks” Dana White, Kurt Angle Q&A: Braun Strowman’s GRR Belt, and more


R-Truth posted a video on Twitter yesterday talking about the good week he has had in the WWE by beating The Miz in a match at Smackdown then finding out that Carmella is going to be his partner in the Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Live. Truth says the winning streak will continue.


Zelina Vega and Andrade Almas posted a reply to R-Truth’s video. They are shown watching the R-Truth video on their phone. Zelina says that R-Truth is delusional. Zelina says that one week does not make it a winning streak. Zelina proposed that if R-Truth were to face Andrade Almas that winning streak would come to an end. Zelina said just because you have a fellow New Yorker (Carmella) on your side doesn’t mean you have The New Yorker (Vega), the only one to get it done.

Matt Riddle posted a kind of screw you to Dana White on Twitter yesterday. Riddle wrote: “Hey Dana remember that time you fired me and talked all that shit on me to the world and called me a loser? I just wanted to say thank you for everything dummy”

In preparation for their new game release, WWE 2K19 has released a new video of The Undisputed Era’s entrance.

Kurt Angle did another Q&A on his Facebook on Friday. Here are the questions he answered with one of them alluding to Braun Strowman’s Greatest Royal Rumble Title:

Question: Do you think RockstarSpud/ Drake Maverick will get to see some in-ring action in WWE?

Kurt Angle: I hope so. I saw him compete in TNA, he’s very talented.

Question: What was that moment in your life about pro wrestling in which you said for first time, ‘I love pro wrestling?

Kurt Angle: Once I started on tv in late 1999 early 2000. I developed a passion for it and had fun with it. I became the top heel in the business pretty quickly. So much fun.

Question: Kurt angle my favorite moment was when u beat stone cold for WWE championship in 2001 what was your favorite moment at winning the WWE championship?

Kurt Angle: Either beating the Rock in 2000 or beating Stone Cold in 2001. I was literally watching them on tv in 1998. I never dreamed that I would sign with WWE a year later, and a year after that I stepped foot in the ring against the Rock and became WWE World Champion. It happened so quickly.

Question: How did you find strength and faith during injuries and surgeries?

Kurt Angle: I know my Faith in GOD would get me through my trying times. I would speak to HIM. HE would tell me to be patient and work hard. The times I didn’t listen are the times I rushed back and got re-injured. But the times I DID listen, I recovered fully.

Question: What arena was your favorite spot to wrestle in?

Kurt Angle: Madison Square Garden. It’s WWE’s official home. Love the atmosphere.

Question: What position did you play in football?

Kurt Angle: I was a running back/full back and linebacker. I was pretty good. All State my senior year:)

Question: Why didn’t they use Braun’s Greatest Royal Rumble title belt after the event ?

Kurt Angle: I don’t know. But I’m sure they will when we return to Saudi Arabia this year.

Question: Hi Kurt! My friend Shane is a huge WWE fan but is embarrassed to admit it to other people, please let him know it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Kurt Angle: Shane SHOULD be ashamed of being a WWE fan….we are all ashamed to be fans…but we can’t help it. Because we are “pathetic”. We are “bottom feeders”. But, I’d rather be an honest, pathetic bottom feeder than a lying closet watcher that watches WWE and says that they don’t. Because in reality, we ALL are fans of WWE to some extent. And if you can’t admit it, then you’re lying to everyone including yourself.

Kurt Angle is going to be part of an addiction recovery support chat this Thursday, September 13th at 8:30PM.

The next AngleStrong addiction recovery support chat with Kurt is next Thursday September 13th. Kurt will be answering your questions on addiction & recovery. If you or anyone you care deeply about is suffering from addiction, please visit for more information.

Season 37 of Survivor will have it’s 90 minute season premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 8/7c on CBS. The theme this year will be David vs. Goliath. description:

In Survivor: David vs. Goliath, castaways will be divided into tribes comprised of those who come from a place of privilege and those who have scratched and clawed their way through life to prove themselves, all in an epic battle to become Sole Survivor… and $1 million richer.

John Morrison, real name John Hennigan, will be on Team Goliath. CBS released this video yesterday to introduce who he is. In the video Morrison says: “Professional wrestling is all about suspension of disbelief. Making people believe the story you’re trying to tell them. I’m aware that people think I’m a meathead. I’m aware that professional wrestling is a bunch of grown men wearing sparkly tights, pretending to fight each other in front of arenas. I’m aware of how goofy that is and I have fun with it.”

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