PSG: “Verratti? I would see it in a small strike”


While we knew the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we can now discover him as an actor. Indeed, the Swede is in the cast of the latest Asterix and Obelix film. The AC Milan player is not the first footballer to try this exercise and others could imitate him in the future. Marco Verratti, PSG midfielder, could notably have something to do in this environment.

Far from football pitches, Zlatan Ibrahimovic tried his hand at a new challenge, that of becoming an actor. In fact, the player A.C. Milan is on the prowl last Asterix and Obelix. What if it gave ideas to other players? In any case, this was the case for Samuel Douhairefilm critic for Telerama.

“He has a mouth and this slightly trickster side”

This is how this Sunday, for The Team, Samuel Douhaire imagined Marco Verratti as a film actor. ” He has a face and this slightly trickster side. I would see him in a small strike, Gomorrah type, like the little Neapolitan who is both unbearable and endearing “, he explained on the player of the PSG.

“He would not be bad in the role of a scoundrel”

And Marco Verratti is not the only player he would see well in the cinema. He also added: “ The goalkeeper (Emiliano Martinez) in particular. Paredes, he’s horrible, he would be good in the role of a scoundrel “.

PSG: “Verratti? I would see it in a small strike” 24hfootnews.

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