PSG: Two stars failed by Qatar?


The next few months will be very lively within Paris Saint-Germain, since a new revolution is announced after the umpteenth elimination in the Champions League. A few strong decisions could fall, since a major cleaning is required within the club… and even the biggest names in the workforce are not immune!

The end of the season will coincide with the end of the Parisian adventure for several players. This is the case of Lionel Messi, whose contract ends on June 30 and who could well leave the PSG two years after his arrival. But he is not the only one !

PSG would like to renew Messi and Ramos

Because Sergio Ramos is also at the end of his contract and after a complicated first season, his second exercise seems to have pushed the leaders of the PSG to trust him. We have indeed revealed to you on that Ramos as Messi were offered a contract extension, with the desire to continue together.

Not Qatar!

According to information from Il Corriere dello Sport, in Doha we would not have the same ideas. The owners of the PSG would indeed have more and more doubts about the future of Messi and of Ramos, who will soon be 36 and 37 years old. Faced with the threat of financial fair play, the idea of ​​letting them slip away in June seems to be growing day by day.

PSG: Two stars failed by Qatar? 24hfootnews.

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