PSG: Transfer to come for Mbappé? The big clue that does not lie


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While the Spanish press continues to talk about a possible transfer of Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid, the decision of PSG to name the French international vice-captain of the team could be a big clue about his future. Indeed, the player had refused the armband, a few months ago, because of his desires elsewhere.

As confirmed Christophe Galtier this Friday, Kylian Mbappé is one of the four vice-captains of the PSG this season. A role that the French international would not have accepted a few months ago, due to doubts about its extension.

Mbappé refused the captain’s armband

At one time, he regularly proposed to her and he said no. Especially at the time when he did not know if he was going to extend. He knew what that meant in relation to the club’s entourage, the supporters.” told Philippe Sanfourche on the set of the L’Equipe Channel.

“Accepting the armband is a message we send”

According to the journalist of RTLthis proves the attachment of Mbappe to PSG and could be a clue about his future. ” Accepting the armband is a message we send. So that does not mean that he is in a 5-year projection at PSG, but he has evolved in his thinking ” said Sanfourche. the real Madrid seems far from the 2018 world champion.

PSG: Transfer to come for Mbappé? The big clue that does not lie 24hfootnews.

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