PSG, thunderbolt within the “MNM”?


PSG is having a particularly disappointing start to the year 2023. The team lacks balance and the Messi-Neymar-Mbappé trio is singled out.

The atmosphere is gloomy Paris Saint Germain. Since the return of the 2022 World Cup and the resumption of the championship, the club from the capital has not succeeded and has had a series of disappointments. On his last four outings in League 1, Paris won only a very small match (2-0, against Angers, red lantern) and conceded its first two losses of the season on the hexagonal scene. One of the main concerns concerns the inherent imbalance in the training coached by Christophe Galtier, with the famous Mess-Neymar-Mbappé trio still reluctant to return to defend. For some observers, only a radical solution could change things.

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Former Paris Saint-Germain executive, Alain Roche has a very clear-cut opinion on the issue and his remedy sounds like a thunderclap. ” It is impossible for the club to play with its three starshe launched in the columns of The Team, one has to go. In other words, whether it is Mauricio Pochettino, Christophe Galtier or someone else, PSG will not be able to get by in this configuration. However, this is not the only problem noted by the one who was captain of the Parisian formation. The midfielder also took for his rank.

“Picking the Players”

Admittedly, you have a problem with the defensive work of the three in front, but in the middle, they do not recover balls. “According to Alain Roche, the ” creativity (of backgrounds) is limited when there is no Verratti and there is a lack of variety in the game“. On his way, the former tricolor international also made some criticisms of the defense, noting ” defensive shortcomings, especially with sides who are not at the top“. But then, what emergency solution for Christophe Galtier? ” The only thing is to sting the players, to make them react mentally“, launches Roche. How? It will be up to Christophe Galtier to choose.

PSG, thunderbolt within the “MNM”? 24hfootnews.

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