PSG: the joy of Brice Samba after the victory of his people


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While Lens made the match and the perfect shot by dominating Paris Saint-Germain (3-1), Brice Samba stopped at the microphone of the match broadcaster and the Lensois goalkeeper was in heaven after this great victory. “We knew very well that we had to do a great performance tonight against a great team from Paris. We all know the qualities of Paris so I think we put all the ingredients tonight to be able to win this match. We can be very very proud. We won the match tonight, we are back to four points and that’s very good.” the 28-year-old first commented.

Brice Samba then returned to his meeting with his legendary modesty despite his many saving stops. “I try to do my job as best I can, I was unsuccessful on the first goal. I think there is still a fault because he hits my hand. I think the ball can’t go back there if he doesn’t hit my hand. It’s a bit boring for a goalkeeper, I want to play every game without conceding a goal. You know I try to position myself well and after that keeps us well in the game because I think if they come back to 3-2 it would have been much harder, so much the better we are all happy tonight. concluded the Lensois porter all smiles.

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PSG: the joy of Brice Samba after the victory of his people 24hfootnews.

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