PSG players angry at Galtier, this is not the first time


Managing a locker room is arguably the hardest thing in coaching. Even more in a locker room like that of PSG, with stars and therefore inevitably, egos. An episode recently showed the art of management during the episode of “yellow vests”, where PSG players wore a yellow chasuble to express their dissatisfaction with Galtier, and it was not the first time.

Christophe Galtier had to manage a mini slingshot at the start of the week with his players. But this episode, as small as it is, shows the coolness with which Galtier had to demonstrate to manage this episode of the Parisian “yellow vests”.

Annoyance on rest days

Rest days are decided by the staff, and that’s Marquinhos, the captain of the PSG who comes to report player requests to the duo Galtier-Campos. The players were to benefit from two consecutive days off this week. But Galtier deleted one. The players of PSG then, in a good mood, put on a yellow chasuble in the form of protest. ” The first warning is a yellow card, the next time it’s red then said Kylian Mbappe. A situation quickly resolved by Galtier, always in a good mood.

A similar episode in October

Christophe Galtier is a man who has mastered the art of compromise. As explained The Teamthe coach of PSG resolved the situation of the day off suppressed by the need to work collectively. Last October, Christophe Galtier had already had to manage a slingshot of players from the PSG. At Halloween time, players wanted to shift a training session scheduled for early morning to afternoon. Yielding, but not too much, Christophe Galtier had announced that the meeting would be postponed until the end of the morning. A way to show that the players are listened to, but that he is the boss.

PSG players angry at Galtier, this is not the first time 24hfootnews.

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