PSG, OM, OL, ASSE, Nantes, Bordeaux… Quiz on the history of Ligue 1


The French championship, unlike the other major European championships, is not dominated by one, two or three clubs, its record appearing particularly balanced over the decades. This could help explain why French clubs have very rarely existed at European level.

While the Spanish Liga has been monopolized in history by the two giants, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​while the Premier League and Serie A see in their history a limited number of clubs (three) dominating the charts (Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal for the Premier League, Juventus Turin, AC Milan and Inter Milan for Serie A), the French championship has the particularity of having no club that really stands out. If in the end, as many clubs won the league title in France as in Italy (16), the distribution is not really the same.

To each decade its club

In France, a large number of clubs stand neck and neck in the number of titles won. They do not necessarily belong to the same period of history, if at all. AS Saint-Etienne, for example, belongs to these clubs, but its last title dates back to 1981. Conversely, PSG, which is also among the leaders, only won its first French championship title. ‘ in 1986, and has only won most of its trophies in recent years since QSI took over as a major shareholder. Similarly, if the Girondins de Bordeaux have managed to win since, as in 1999 or 2009, most of the Bordeaux club’s French championship titles date back to the 1980s, the great period of the “Marine et Blanc”, under the direction by Claude Bez. For Olympique de Marseille, the same is true, despite the title won under the orders of Didier Deschamps in 2010: the vast majority of the Marseille team’s Franc champion trophies date back to the Bernard Tapie period, between the end 80s and the beginning of the 90s. As for OL, they amassed most of their victories in the 2000s. In the end, only FC Nantes and AS Monaco won French league titles at various times in history, the Principality club even managing to snatch the title of French champion from PSG in 2017.

PSG, OM, OL, ASSE, Nantes, Bordeaux… Quiz on the history of Ligue 1 24hfootnews.

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