PSG: He insults Mbappé, Emery will calm him down


Author of a very good World Cup, Emiliano Martinez distinguished himself by his performances in the Argentinian goals, but not only. Indeed, since the Albiceleste title, the Aston Villa goalkeeper has chained celebrations in very bad taste, especially towards Kylian Mbappé. What did not please his club coach, Unai Emery, who announced that he intended to have a discussion with his goalkeeper.

After the final of the world Cup, Emiliano Martinez has multiplied the indecent celebrations, in particular with regard to Kylian Mbappe. Criticized from all sides, the goalkeeperAstonVilla should also be picked up by Unai Emeryhis club coach.

Emery is going to talk to Martinez…

We are very proud of him, he won the World Cup with his national team. He was great, Aston Villa fans should be proud of him. He returns next week. When you get really emotional it’s hard to contain yourself, but I’m going to talk to him next week about celebration and respect. There, he is in his country. He will soon be with us and that will be our responsibility. We have to talk about it “, he launches in a press conference. Moreover, the behavior ofEmiliano Martinez doesn’t have any more to Graeme Souness.

…who gets smashed by Souness

Much of the debate following the World Cup final focused on the behavior of Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez during the penalty shootout. I can accept this antics, up to a point. But what we should talk more about is the rude gesture he made after receiving his tournament’s best goalkeeper trophy. Are there really people who find such a thing funny? Martinez has shamed himself and his country. He looked like a common clown. If that’s what he wants to be remembered, God help us all. I like him as a goalkeeper, in Argentina and at Aston Villa. But that he thinks what he did was appropriate is unbelievable. “, assures the former English player at DailyMail.

PSG: He insults Mbappé, Emery will calm him down 24hfootnews.

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