PSG got it all wrong, Qatar is preparing a big comeback


In August 2020 during the Final 8 in Lisbon, PSG reached the Champions League final under the leadership of Thomas. Something that has not happened since his dismissal. And while the PSG begins to be frustrated by Christophe Galtier, a return of Tuchel is mentioned.

On the night of December 23 to 24, 2020, the PSG made a big decision. President Nasser AlKhelaifi and the now ex-sports director Leonardo chose to lay off Thomas Tuchel when he managed to lift Paris Saint-Germain to the Champions League final in August of the same year. By this decision, QSI fired the coach who had allowed him to come close to the Grail long awaited by the Qatari owners.

Without Tuchel, PSG can’t do it better in C1

Eventually, Thomas Tuchel went away to win the Champions League with chelsea in the spring of 2021 when the PSG once again broke his teeth in C1 with Mauricio Pochettino and struggles to be dominant with Christopher Galtier this season. The results of PSG of recent weeks would seem to have considerably weakened the position of Christopher Galtier on the bench. Something to give ideas to Qatar.

PSG frustrated by Galtier, an imminent approach to Tuchel?

The name of Thomas Tuchel insistently returns to the side of the PSG these last hours. And it’s not The Evening Standard who will negate the trend. According to the English media, the PSG would admit his mistake to have fired Tuchel at Christmas 2020. Worse, the management committee of the Paris HolyGerman would plan to probe him ASAP due to growing internal frustration over Christopher Galtier.

PSG got it all wrong, Qatar is preparing a big comeback 24hfootnews.

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