PSG failed for his transfer, he blows a big blow


Under contract until next June at Inter, Milan Skriniar will not extend it and wanted to leave the Milanese club this winter before its leaders do not let him go. And while an icy reception from Milan supporters could await him, a discussion to appease the different parties.

Milan Skriniar had already made his choice regarding his future at theInter. Indeed, as told you on January 20, a contract extension was no longer on the mind of the Slovak international. What to allow the PSG to regain hope after missing the boat last offseason given the significant economic expectations of theInter.

“Milan wanted to clarify with us the reasons that led him to choose to change his jersey at the end of the season”

However, and while he had chosen not to put his signature on a new contract, theInter still retained Milano Skriniar much to the chagrin of the player and PSG. Enough to give him a cold reception from the Nerazzurri supporters. Nevertheless, a meeting took place this week between the Curva Nord and Milano Skriniar. The group of supporters of theInter communicated the repercussions of this interview in the “fanzine” distributed at San Siro before the Milan clash between the‘Inter and the Milano AC. “Although the Skriniar chapter is now partly history, we would like to inform you that Milan wanted to clarify with us the reasons which led them to choose to change their jersey at the end of the season despite the affection he has always felt for Inter”.

“We don’t want to put the cross on a player who has contributed to giving us so much satisfaction”

Also through this fanzine, the group of supporters of the‘Inter affirms that there will be no resentment on the part of the Curva Nord towards Milan Skriniar due to the management of this operation. “Although once again the summary is that the reasons of the wallet have prevailed over those of the heart, we do not want to put the cross on a player who has contributed to giving us so much satisfaction and we invite everyone to treat him at least with respect for the professionalism he showed during his time in Milan. Recognizing that Skriniar’s situation has been mishandled to say the least, and hoping it will at least serve as a lesson for the future of the club, we have decided to look forward with no hard feelings and no hard feelings towards a player who does not will no longer, rightly, have to wear the captain’s armband but who still has our respect for all he has always given on the pitch”.

PSG failed for his transfer, he blows a big blow 24hfootnews.

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