PSG approached by a world champion, the verdict arrives


The entourage of N’Golo Kanté would prepare his future and would therefore have approached PSG as part of an arrival as a free agent this summer. However, Chelsea would make good progress in terms of his contract extension.

For several years and more precisely since the exploit of Leicester City in its quest for the Premier League in the spring of 2016, the senior decision makers of the PSG would be interested in the profile of N’Golo Kante. However, whoever became world champion with theFrench team in 2018 never responded favorably to PSG and signed at chelsea in 2017.

The Kanté clan would have approached PSG

While he is under contract until next June at chelsea, N’Golo Kante or rather his entourage would have already got down to business concerning the future of the midfielder by canvassing various European clubs. At least that’s what the Gazzetta dello Sport recently assured by adding that the PSG would be one of the lucky ones. THE Paris HolyGerman would still appreciate the profile of Kante.

An extension finally in sight at Chelsea for Kanté?

Nevertheless, it would seem that chelsea have other plans for N’Golo Kante than a departure free of any contract. To believe The Athleticthe discussions would now go in the right direction between the clan Kante and the Blues about a contract extension. A wave of positivity would be there in Cobham.

PSG approached by a world champion, the verdict arrives 24hfootnews.

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