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Possible Reasons for New WWE NXT 2.0 QR Code Teaser


A new cryptic message for the WWE NXT 2.0 brand has fans speculating on social media tonight.

A brief segment during tonight’s NXT Great American Bash special featured a QR code with the words, “SCAN HERE.” The words were filled in with the NXT 2.0 logo colors.

Scanning the QR code brings you to a page on the WWE website. The page features a black background with bold white letters that say “8:10:11” and that’s it.

It’s interesting to note that the URL that the QR code redirects to has “br” in it. The full URL with ad campaign information in it lists the ad campaign as “nxt_br_2022july,” for what it’s worth.

The page that the QR scan redirects to is but the full URL is

WWE did not elaborate on the QR code but fans are speculating that this could be related to anything from the first NXT NFT drop to a new stable or Superstar.

Some fans are speculating that this could be an alpha-numeric code where the numbers represent HJK, which could be for a new Superstar or stable. Fans on social media are also speculating that this could stand for August 10 and August 11, perhaps a two-night event, but that doesn’t make much sense because those dates are Wednesday and Thursday. There was also some speculation that this could be the date of a Sunday Takeover-style event planned for Sunday, August 21.

It’s likely that none of these are what WWE actually has in mind for the new teaser, but we should know more in the coming weeks.

You can see related screenshots below:

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